Why you should write in this blog

January 13, 2010

Digibreak is not an income producing site, it’s a relief site to help guide us to reconnect with that which really matters to each of us. We each have our own values and desires and ways to experience  silence and the positive energy that drives within us. I’m stressing when I should be happy. Why am I doing this when I think my writing sucks, I guess it’s because I don’t think my ideas suck. Yours don’t either, so don’t worry about beautiful writing and brilliant new thinking, just contribute. All writing is good writing!


  1. The more I live the way I truly want to live the happier I become. If I focus my attention on abundance rather than lack, I have everything I need. I choose to see the world in a positive light rather than a gloomy one. I need other people to think this way with me. We are all one. I love myself and I love you.

    • positive energy is the root of everything good. abundance can mean so many things, abundance of great thoughts, abundance of love, abundance of peace. standing at bob marley’s birthplace, thinking about how many millions heard the message i was moved to tears.
      one love. thank you

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