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Why you should write in this blog

January 13, 2010

Digibreak is not an income producing site, it’s a relief site to help guide us to reconnect with that which really matters to each of us. We each have our own values and desires and ways to experience  silence and the positive energy that drives within us. I’m stressing when I should be happy. Why am I doing this when I think my writing sucks, I guess it’s because I don’t think my ideas suck. Yours don’t either, so don’t worry about beautiful writing and brilliant new thinking, just contribute. All writing is good writing!



January 12, 2010

So what is a digibreak? Well what it was is that I was driven by anxiety about my connectedness. The fact that I couldn’t escape my digital toys.

What I now realize is that it’s really about reconnecting not disconnecting. I missed connecting with Nature, with God, with Love

Digibreak. what does it mean to you….it meant a need to be disconnected from everything digital…even facebook! Now it means so much more

to me. It means reconnecting with life. It’s what we’ve been told by yogi’s and such for many many years, you have to have quiet in your mind

to grow and expand your horizons. I invite you to contribute your thoughts.