Technology can let parents work at home but distract from family time – USATODAY.com

April 15, 2010

This article helps articulate yet another reason to learn to separate your “real” life from your digital “life” (support network, phone, ipod, ipad, pda, etc.). “Time” and “quality time” are not one and the same. Trying to carry on a conversation with kids has always been a bit of a challenge, but now it’s hard to even keep their attention. Same with us…how many times have you said to your children, or anyone for that matter, “give me just a sec, I have to respond to this email right away”. If we continue to set the example of our need to be constantly connected and entertained, what can we expect but a generation of disconnectedness? What happened to the days when you’d stand in line and chat with interesting folks, at the store, movie theatre, airport…..Now, you look at a line, even in a Starbucks and half the folks are on their pda’s.

Technology can let parents work at home but distract from family time – USATODAY.com.

One comment

  1. Great point, as it’s so easy to let the computer or PDA steal valuable moments that should be directed toward family. I find it best to shut the computer down completely when it’s time to shift gears and interact with my son – he deserved it!

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