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On the way to venizia

June 22, 2011

On a trip without constant web and email access. Very stressful and challenging. We get so used to having everything at our fingertips, from the obvious…like a phone to the not so obvious like contact information. It’s funny that everyone else has computers. I used to be the one who had to be online, now I feel like the only one who doesn’t want to be online. Need some kind of place to relieve addiction to connectivity. I’m arriving at the train station in Venice. I love Italy. Some day a long visit….


Oh where oh where have my digibreaks gone

February 13, 2011

Oh where oh where have my digibreaks gone? Ever since the craziness of TEDxSanDiego I’ve lost my way. Haven’t had a digital break in 4-5 months. I feel really good about what I’ve been doing but my brain is fried. I am totally addicted. Can’t get away from one screen or another, one “ding” or another, one post or another. My TEDx responsibilities, my work my family have all taken over my life once again. Balance is out of whack and I know that I have to practice what I preach.
Where oh Where Have My Digibreaks Gone?
We know we need freedom
Yet the shackles of the glow
Draws us in, nay SUX us in,
Till we forget selves, our souls.
We see words in the dark
Yet we lose our-selves in the light.
As day turns to night the glow
Grabs our hearts and SUCKS us in.
Breaking free is so easy yet why can’t we leave….
The shackles are so real and yet so unreal.
Where oh where have my digibreaks gone…..
They have not gone, they’re right there,
Just out of sight, just beyond the glow.
Reach out and grab my hand,
Come touch the sky come away with me….


August 27, 2010

Chanting…what’s next?
18 months of change, 18 months of growth, 18 months of reflection. Seeing “Eat Love Pray” was kind of an emotional experience for me. Not a great movie, just ok. It’s the heart of the story that really got me and the many many parallels with my own life, particularly the last 18 months. Not just Italy, not just Bali, not just meditation and prayer, not even love. What was becoming a burden is now a labor of love. What once was insurmountable is now “surmounted. What once was strange and odd is now a cherished part of my life. I’ve prayed more, mediated more, even chanted more in the last 18 months than in the entire rest of my life combined. I thought things were different, I thought maybe something fundamental in my life and heart and even my soul had changed. I stood in the Buddhist Community Center in a dumpy Kearney Mesa industrial park looking around the room at all the smiling faces. Truly the most diverse crowd I’ve been with in my entire life. And we chanted and chanted some more until I literally felt my soul turn around, my heart awaken. No, it’s not like that, don’t fear me and my exploration of Buddhism, I still pray every morning, I still revere the religions of my family, I just moved to a different place. I felt like I’d been reborn. Not in a fundamentalist way, but in a very deep and personal way. I flashed back to another difficult time in my life while at an Erykha Badu concert. I wasn’t very familiar with her music, but a friend suggested I go. I was out of place in the crowd, probably the oldest, whitest, stodgiest mofo in the joint. She was showing a soon to be child at the time and had recently separated or at least sung about a recent separation. She talked a bit about how challenging her life was at the time, how down on herself she was. Then she sang “I’m all right with me”. I guess she didn’t just sing it, she projected it. Next thing you know, the entire audience is up, holding hands, singing “I’m alright with me….” Tears were rolling down my cheeks. At first it was sadness and then as I looked around I could feel the tears getting warmer. They turned to tears of joy, tears I was proud of, tears of change. The message that really came through “Eat Love Pray”, at least for me was that you sometimes have to reboot, recreate, reengineer, reimagine….and there was my connection to TEDxSanDiego. Those were the titles of the TED talks in 2009 when I decided that I was done with the agency business. That it was time to do something new, something amazing something that would spread good things to others. I realized my new project, TEDxSanDiego was indeed a “labor of love”, not just work. I realized how far we had come and how amazing the learnings, the people, the experiences were. I suddenly knew that this was all part of my “next” as a friend likes to say….My entire life I’ve searched for my “next”. How would I leave this planet, thinking about all the things I didn’t do, the people I didn’t help, the places I didn’t go? I won’t. My “next” started last week. When will yours start?


NYTimes recruits digibreak volunteers

August 17, 2010

Really great examples of people who found ways to disconnect as volunteers in a NYTimes project. All the stories are different and for me at least help me to remember how important this is. it’s hard to even keep my own blog top of mind when the whirlwind of connectivity grabs you at every turn. I know I’m in that space again when I have trouble sleeping…so much hitting my brain every moment. My new thing, chanting is helping a bit to keep centered and reduce anxiety, but I know it’s time for another digibreak!


Happiness can be hard to find?

March 6, 2010

Srikumar Rao: Plug into your hard-wired happiness
Fabulous talk at Columbia, posted on
There is nothing that you have to get, do or be in order to be happy. If that’s so why am I experiencing “my life sucks”. Because you have spent your entire life learning how to be unhappy. “If …… then I’ll be happy….”Many of those things you wanted ten years ago you now have….”, yet you’re still not happy….try and remember a time when you saw a beautiful site, a rainbow, a fabulous landscape, a time when you accepted the universe for what it was. You accepted the universe for what it was/is but now you want more. Invest in the process not the outcome, love what you do not just what you get.



January 12, 2010

So what is a digibreak? Well what it was is that I was driven by anxiety about my connectedness. The fact that I couldn’t escape my digital toys.

What I now realize is that it’s really about reconnecting not disconnecting. I missed connecting with Nature, with God, with Love

Digibreak. what does it mean to you….it meant a need to be disconnected from everything digital…even facebook! Now it means so much more

to me. It means reconnecting with life. It’s what we’ve been told by yogi’s and such for many many years, you have to have quiet in your mind

to grow and expand your horizons. I invite you to contribute your thoughts.